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Lana Del Rey Ultraviolence

My photographs "Southland", "June Gloom" and "Mood" are in the booklet of Lana Del Rey's gorgeous new album, Ultraviolence!
Thank you so much Lana Del Rey! What an absolute honor, I am over the moon! :)


"June Gloom"



AMLI Lex on Orange artwork

Installation has begun! Lex on Orange luxury apartments in Glendale has a bunch of my prints framed in the hallways of the building. I love how they framed them. And I am so impressed with the designers and the building itself. They thought about every detail! From the Nest heating and cooling to the Starbucks machine coffee area!

These apartments are really beautiful! My husband and I were ready to move in ourselves! The outdoor cabana area was like a resort, complete with TV's in the cabanas! I would never get any work done if I lived there though! I would be outside relaxing with my baby boy all day! :)


New work: Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, a sky ride, a lake and a valley...

Like everyone else, life has been crazy busy. Trying to balance motherhood and work has been a challenge that I happily embrace. I absolutely LOVE my baby and I absolutely LOVE photography. We had a few mini trips this year and when I get back from a road trip I am like a kid at Christmas, oh so eager to check out my shots and begin editing.
But then my son brings me back to reality, reminds me he is my new boss and I am lucky if I even remember where I put my camera much less get to upload my new images! He wins every time! Who can resist such a handsome sweet man that wants your complete devotion, every day, all day long? :)

I still have tons of shots from our Big Sur trip in October that are not finished. And now added to my growing list are shots from recent trips to Big Bear, Ojai, San Diego and San Francisco. They are teasing me every time I power up my hard drive! However during baby naps these are the ones that jumped out at me the most. So... here are my first rounds and hopefully I will have more completed soon. I have accepted that I probably won't be able to finish the rest until he begins elementary school! :)

"via DTLA"


"To see the stars"




"A Memory San Francisco"

"Where Fairytales Begin"

"Sweet light"

"How do we follow"

"Harps & Fireflies"

"Abstract Twin Peaks"


"North Beach"

"Gaslamp Quarter No.2"

"Gaslamp Quarter No. 1"

"Red twinkle lights"

"el Cortez"

"Little Italy"

"Beach Day"

"Palm tree & Ocean"

"A Gathering"


"Stand There"



"Peppermint Beach Twists"

"Carnival Candy"


"Big Bear Lake"

"The Ojai Valley"