Are you kidding me my darling?!

Sometimes in life you meet the coolest people and you think, how am I so lucky to know this person? :)
And sometimes you have not yet *met* them in person, only you have a special bond formed throughout the years because of a series of intelligent keystrokes and you still think, how am I so lucky to know this person? And sometimes they can do the nicest thing for you and you want to let them know how touched you are by their kindness. 

My sweet adorable girl photographer pal, Laura Evans, lives many many miles from me. She lives in England while here I am in Los Angeles, many time zones away. We have shared tons of chats through email about the ups and downs of being a fine art photographer and life in general. She has been there for me through some of the toughest times of my life:  the devastating heartache of losing a beloved companion and my long journey to motherhood.

This June we were finally able to celebrate, my hubby and I have the most beautiful baby boy! So the other day the postman drops off this huge box and I open it up and it was like Christmas! My girl sent me the sweetest baby care package! Filled with baby boy clothes:

the most adorable peg and mallet toy...

the CUTEST Winnie the Pooh hat, on the CUTEST model ever ;)...

and the frosting on the cake... a SIX-20 Brownie Jr...

which fits in perfectly in my little collection!!

I don't normally strike up friendships through the internet, so that is how truly special this gal is to me. We hope to meet someday soon, hopefully this year when she travels to California but until then, this will have to suffice as my big hug and kiss to her! 

And seriously, you have to check out her gorgeous photography! Girl's got mad skills! I can only imagine the kick ass shots she will take when she gets here!

Thank you my sweet darling Laura! I am lucky to know you! Can't wait for you to come to L.A.!