Published! Crafty Mag UK

This past summer, Crafty Magazine UK asked me to write & photograph a DIY article on bokeh photography. They specifically wanted a step by step on making a hood to place over your lens and examples using it. Plus a written article on why bokeh photography is so kick-ass and popular. :) 

The goal was to turn twinkly lights into cute hearts and stars. I created my own lens hood and tested it out on everything! I used it to shoot sparkly lights around my house, I turned my newborn baby boy into an angel and surrounded him with blissful hearts, and I went to my favorite part of Los Angeles to found what bling I could to transform into shapes.

I was so honored to be asked especially since this magazine is simply GORGEOUS!! The article was published in Issue #7 which came out this month. I just got my copy in the mail today and I am so impressed with this beautifully designed magazine. And they have the coolest projects, I would love to try several of them out! It's not too late to get your copy, there is even a Holiday supplement with the sweetest Christmas projects. 
This was such a fun article to shoot and write! Thanks a bunch Crafty Mag! :) 
xx, Myan


Big Sur

We took a quick trip up the coast to Big Sur this past weekend. What a gorgeous place! We rented the coziest cabin with the cutest fireplace. Even though it took double the travel time because our 4 month old was not down with being in the car seat for more than 2 hours at a time, I am already planning our next family vacation there! Big Sur is the kind of place you never want to leave.
I am so excited to finally get a chance to edit some shots. Here a few from my first round. :)

"Autumn in Big Sur"

"La Mer" in blue-green

"La Mer" in crystal

"Slow Divers"


"SR 1"


Apartment Life

I am so incredibly excited about this project. I was approached over the summer about having my work adorn the walls of a brand new apartment complex, Lex on Orange in Glendale. Um yes! I would love for my work to be a part of this gorgeous community!
60+ 20"x 20" signed prints packaged and sent out yesterday!
This opportunity has been a real treat! I can't wait to see my prints hanging once the complex is totally complete. From what I have seen online I think they are doing an amazing job! And it looks like it will be such a cool place to live!