photo challenge: a day in the life of...

My dear photography gal pal, Laura Evans, invited me to participate in a photo challenge yesterday. The theme being a sort of day in the life of. Well I told her my life will bore her to tears but hey, at least it will be a challenge in itself to make my life look interesting. So here it is, my little essay of yesterday's events. Well up until around 2:30 or so. And minus a few breaks I took to yap on the phone with a friend, play with our new rescue dog, and have a few cookies. 
Since I had gone to an all day workshop on Wednesday I was easily inspired to focus on more creative pursuits Thursday. But  I swear on a regular day I am much more productive. :)

yes, i use a cheesy Los Angeles mug for my coffee!
he was pretty annoyed at me since it was so early in the morning.
she wasn't happy with the interruption either, you can see one of her eyes is starting to open. haha
it's hard to see but his leg is in the air behind him!
she has been here for almost a week and is a gorgeous gal!
i am a big nerd! i love to listen to them when i am working on the computer.
i try to stay on top of them as they come in so i can ship as quickly as i can.
thought this was prettier than my actual lunch...
who am i kidding? i will still torture my poor sweet teacher... haha
i am a pretty private person, but i don't mind sharing my love of twinkly lights that i put around the house! :)